White Oak Impact Fund

Introduction : White Oak Impact Fund

The White Oak Impact Fund stands as a beacon of innovation within the realm of alternative asset management, embodying a dual commitment to financial returns and measurable social impact. Managed by White Oak Global Advisors, this fund represents a pioneering approach to investing, focusing not only on profitability but also on fostering positive societal and environmental change.

Introduction to the White Oak Impact Fund

The White Oak Impact Fund emerges from White Oak Global Advisors’ dedication to responsible investing practices. Launched with the primary objective of addressing pressing social and environmental challenges, the fund distinguishes itself by targeting investments that promise both financial returns and tangible contributions to sustainable development goals. This unique approach appeals to investors seeking to align their financial objectives with broader societal benefits.

Objectives and Investment Strategy

  1. Social Impact Goals: At its core, the White Oak Impact Fund aims to generate significant social and environmental benefits through its investment portfolio. The fund focuses on sectors such as renewable energy, affordable housing, healthcare, education, and sustainable agriculture. Investments are selected based on their potential to create positive change, enhance livelihoods, and promote environmental stewardship.
  2. Financial Performance: Despite its emphasis on impact, the fund maintains a robust commitment to delivering competitive financial returns to its investors. This dual mandate reflects White Oak Global Advisors’ belief that sustainable investing can align profitability with positive societal outcomes, thereby attracting a diverse investor base interested in achieving both financial growth and social responsibility.

Investment Criteria and Selection Process

The White Oak Impact Fund employs stringent criteria and a meticulous selection process to identify suitable investment opportunities:

  • Impact Measurement: Investments undergo rigorous assessment based on their potential for measurable social and environmental impacts. Metrics such as carbon footprint reduction, community empowerment, educational attainment, and healthcare access are critical considerations in evaluating prospective projects.
  • Financial Viability: Beyond impact metrics, investments are subjected to rigorous financial analysis to ensure they offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. This approach aims to mitigate investment risks while optimizing financial performance, thereby safeguarding investor capital and fostering sustainable growth.

    Fund Managers of this Successful Mutual Fund?

    Ashish Agarwal

    WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund has declared the appointment of Ashish Agrawal as the Head of Equity Dealing at WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Limited, effective from August 2, 2022.

    Piyush Baranwal

    Mr. Piyush Baranwal holds a B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He furthered his education by completing a PGDBM in Finance from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, along with earning a CFA designation.

    Before joining White Oak Capital Mutual Fund, he gained valuable experience at various reputable firms. He worked with BOI AXA, and Morgan Stanley Investment Management from January 2011 to June 2014, and served as a Dealer in Fixed Income at Principal Pnb AMC from May 2008 to January 2011.

    Trupthi Agarwal

    Trupti Agrawal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.Com) and is a Chartered Accountant (CA). Before her tenure at Whiteoak Capital Mutual Fund, she gained experience working at L&T Infrastructure Finance Co. Ltd. and Ernst & Young.

    Deep Mehta

    Mr. Mehta has a bachelor’s degree in engineering (B.E.) as well as a master’s degree in management studies. Before joining WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund, he worked for Union Mutual Fund, Ratnakar Bank Limited, ICRA, and Baritone Solutions.

    Factor consider before Investing

    Before making any financial decisions, it is important to examine various factors-

    Risk Tolerance

    Determine how much volatility you can accept in your assets. This helps you align your investing decision with your financial objectives and comfort level.

    Investment Objectives

    Clearly state your investment objectives, whether they are short-term goals like purchasing a home or long-term goals like retirement savings. Understanding your goals allows you to customize your financial plan accordingly.

    Time Horizon

    Consider your investing time horizon, which is the amount of time you want to keep your investments. Longer time horizons may enable more aggressive investing methods, while shorter horizons may need more conservative tactics.

    Market Conditions

    Be aware of current market conditions and economic developments that may affect your assets. When making investing selections, take into account interest rates, inflation, geopolitical events, and market mood.

    Investment Study

    Conduct thorough research on potential investment opportunities, including analyzing financial statements, evaluating historical performance, and assessing future growth prospects. Making informed decisions based on comprehensive research can help mitigate risk and maximize returns.


    Investing in White Oak Mutual Fund provides a slew of enticing advantages, all supported by its strong investing philosophy and experienced team of specialists. With an emphasis on bottom-up stock selection and a tried-and-true strategy, White Oak Capital Group, managed by Mr. Prashant Khemka, maintains its reputation as a reliable asset management firm.

    The varied selection of funds accessible, including the White Oak Capital Mid Cap Fund, White Oak Capital Flexi Cap Fund, and others, caters to a variety of investor interests and goals.

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